What can we say about the Keys? Azure clear sea, snorkelling and diving paradise, great kayaking, laid-back vibe, great amenities and a whole lotta sun: The Conch Republic is open for business and we intend on hanging around!

There’s loads to see and do in the Keys (and in Southern Florida as a whole) and there’s way too much to list here. The folks at Visit Florida do it far better than us, so check out all the deets here.

What can I expect?

The most sensational and unique start line of any adventure challenge you have ever undertaken! A superb sea kayak leg incorporating marine life, historic Stiltsville, an exhilarating open water ocean crossing and a serene phase of weaving your way through Keys, with mangrove scenery, marine life and more. On land, the overseas Highway makes for an historic and ‘straightline’ approach to the cycling – hopefully not too taxing on the terrain but definitely a very long way! And a run into Key West that will cap off a brilliant weekend down Florida-way!

Your journey will involve an engaging objective of sea kayaking, cycling and foot travel in a perfectly-packaged weekend format. You can expect first-class safety, service and organisation. And as far as the Keys as a whole is concerned, you can expect to want to come back.


IT’S HOT! But with some cool sea breezes coming in off the ocean, it does take the edge off of it. But it’s still hot. Hydration is key on this one. Plus sunscreen and a hat. Especially on the water.



On the water, there’s a load of life you might see plus loads of birds in the air. See famous Florida Flamingos and other marine-dwelling critters as you make your way west…all the way west! If you’re sticking around, make sure you poke your head beneath the surface too as that is where Florida excels. Great reef diving, snorkelling and some of the best damn fishin’ known to man!

Other highlights en route

The Keys are littered with great things to see and do. You will pass historic Stiltsville, spend time weaving in and out of the fantastic uninhabited Northern Keys and experience the wonder of ‘island-hopping’ on the Overseas Highway. It’s an impressive feat of engineering but as it winds its way south-west towards Key West, the marine scenery just gets better and better. Don’t miss out the many attractions of Key West when you get there too, including Earnest Hemingway’s old pad and the fabulous wooden architectural gem that is the Old Town. It’s reckoned there’s over 3000 atmospheric old wooden structures here – the largest collection anywhere in America!